A very big thank you to +Us from all associated with Bedworth United U15 MJPL and Bedworth United U15 Lions for sponsoring our away kits this season. 

+Us work in partnership with the healthcare sector to improve the ways in which they understand, anticipate and manage their temporary workforce needs. By combining their experience of the entire supply chain with intuitive technology designed in collaboration with clients, They make the process of managing a workforce simpler, safer and far more cost-efficient from end-to-end and for all concerned.

Whilst the pressures faced by public services are often common, every provider is different. Working in close collaboration with clinical, staffing and financial teams to fully understand organisation’s needs, they tailor their technology platform, implement full solutions and provide the support to deliver day after day. They are committed to always listening, always innovating, always sharing best practise. And because they have already helped over 50 different healthcare organisations over the last seven years, they are continually discovering new ways to improve workforce management – so when one of their clients benefits from a new idea, everyone benefits.

To find out more about +Us please click the link below