Supporters Guidance for Visiting The OVAL during Covid- 19 restrictions

Supporters Guide to visiting The OVAL during Covid 19 Restrictions.


As we all know by now clubs are allowed to let supporters in.  This though comes with a caveat that we as a club are doing our upmost to protect you from Covid-19

As a club we have read the guidance and regulations that both the Government and the FA have provided us and have put into place with the help of this guidance a thorough and robust plan which will allow you to watch live football again here at The OVAL.

I would please ask that you abide by the regulations in place as they are here for your safety and respect my Staff as they are only doing what we have been told that we have to do to allow you to watch football.  Any abuse of my staff will see you ejected from the ground and I will personally ensure that you are never welcomed back to The OVAL again.

The first difference you will notice is that we have 2 turn styles open at the front gate.  We will NOT be opening the park gate this is so we can keep a closer check on the number of spectators we have had entered.  Up until the 31st August we are allowed a maximum of 200 people attending if the processes in place work and are adhered to we can then increase that to a maximum of 400 people.

Please have a read of the processes below that we have implemented for supporters.

  1. There will be a card only turnstyle and a cash only turnstyle.
  2. All persons entering The OVAL will be asked their name and a contact number for track and trace purposes.
  3. There will be random temperature checks of people entering.
  4. There will be a one way system in operation (Please see attached plan with routes highlighted)
  5. Groups of 6 or more will not be allowed to congregate together.
  6. Certain areas of the Stadium will be no entry at certain times before and during games.
  7. Seating will be limited with certain seats not being allowed to be sat on.
  8. Toilets will be monitored with only certain numbers allowed in at any one time.
  9. The clubhouse will be open but there will be restricted seating and a one way system in operation staff levels will be minimum so service times might be a bit slower than normal.

There are restrictions that the Players, Coaches and Officials have in place as well so things might look a bit strange compared to normal but we will get to see 90 minutes of football.

All I ask as Stadium Manager is that you bare with us and help us wherever you can by adhering to the procedures that we have had to put in place.  It might mean that you can’t sit or stand somewhere you have for the last 20 years but during these unprecedented we all have to pull together and maybe sacrifice a little so that we can all enjoy football again.

Stu Roe

Stadium Manager/Covid Officer/Welfare Officer