Senior Football is back at The OVAL

Bedworth United are pleased to announce that we will be running football for the Over 60’s.  We are running this in conjunction with Coventry University, Coventry University started the project which was Initially funded by the EU and is a Europe wide project.  There was funding left over after the initial project and we are happy to announce that the participants wanted to continue on their journey to better health.

Football for the Over 60’s is slightly different to walking football in that if you are fitter you can run as the sessions are tailored to your own level of fitness.  So if your over 60 and can run a marathon you wont get as much benefit playing walking football as you would the Over 60’s format.  Teams are separated evenly with every player being assessed and given a level then each team having players of various levels it makes for a very competitive game.   The sessions are currently free and are held here at The OVAL on Wednesdays starting at 10am if your interested either come along and see what its all about or give me a ring on 07927 686792 for details.  Everyone is welcome to attend the only thing you need is a pair of boots and be over 60.

Please follow the link below to see what others have said and a bit more in depth information