Questions to Rich Blythe

During the next couple of weeks we are going to have a few of the first team players answer a few questions.

First off we managed to catch up with Rich Blythe and here is what he had to say:

Q. Best Moment of the season?

Best moment of the season for me was the 2-2 home draw with Berkhamstead, I thought that was the best football we played all season against a team flying high.

Q. Worst moment of the season?

3-1 home lose to Dunstable, we stopped playing and beaten easily.

Q. Funniest moment of season?

Cal templeton brought a brand new merc, Blacky, Luke Rowe and a few others put cones on his car and he lost his head! Think there is a video somewhere of it.

Q. Best moment of your football career so far?

Best moment of my career if you can call it that is representing Wales at under 17 and under 19! After my goal against Aylesbury I was expecting another call up this summer for the euros!

Q. Worst at training?

Luke keen worst trainer by far, session is over before he’s even warmed up., although Elliot parrot don’t train, pulls his hammy every Tuesday and Thursday!

Q. Funniest squad member?

Funniest in the squad is Dan Preston, he’s mad, Lents is a close second, he brings mystery players to train with us on the wind up, Blacky is also up there!

Q. Last out of the shower?

Last out the shower is defo Blaize punter!

Q. who is in charge of the matchday music and what’s it like?

I think Kaleem has control over the music, it’s not the best!

Q. Worst dressed player?

Best dressed on nights out for me is Olly Mulders or Luke Rowe , I know he’s not at the club anymore but Jamie Macateer by far, he wore one the lads dad’s clobber on a night out once! Current squad I’d have to go with Elliot parrot!

Q. Which player would you want to get trapped in a lift with?

Trapped In a lift with Dan Crane or Brights I reckon, love listening to there old football stories!

Q. What are you doing to stay fit during these unprecedented times?

Doing shuttles in my front room to stay fit!