New General Manager Announcement

Stu Roe is leaving the role of Stadium Manager here at The OVAL at the end of the season and he would like to share some words

” I would firstly like to thank the board of directors for initially offering me the role and the support I have received in my time here. I would like to thank all of the volunteers especially Polly, Terry, Big James, Ron, Stuart Bolton, Hayley Bennett, Eric, Debs and John Knight who have assisted me in my time here. Without them the job would have been nearly impossible. In my time there were also others who were of massive help but sadly no longer with us John Roberts, Pete Thompson to name a couple.

I would like to also thank the Bar Staff Hayley, Michelle, Sarah and Stew for all of the work that they have done through the years with presentation nights and cup finals. They are a lot busier and work a lot more hours than most people believe.

I want to also say thanks to all of the junior Managers, Coaches and admin helpers that have been here during my time.  I know I have fallen out at times with some of you as you want the best for your team but the bigger picture for the club has to come first and without your cooperation in moving fixtures and training and being slightly flexible at times with the pitch planner.

Lastly and probably the most Important I want to thank my wife Libby.  This job takes over your life but she has supported me all the time I have been here.  With the late nights, early mornings, 14hour days I have missed family holidays and Family events but she has always supported me and hardly ever moaned about the time I have had to spend here.

I will still be managing the U9s and Youth Team and watching the first team so you will still see me up here at times so its not really goodbye its just now I can be a supporter and relax on match days.

I can put on record I have enjoyed my time here and would ask that you all assist and support my 2 replacements Dale Buckland who will be running the stadium side of things and Hayley Bennett who will be taking over the bar side”


His Replacement’s had this to say

“Hi Everyone!

My name is Dale Buckland and I am happy to be joining Bedworth United Football Club!

Having graduated from Coventry University in 2016, with a degree in Sport Management, I was lucky enough to go to straight into working within professional sport with the Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey Team and Team Great Britain. Since then I have worked in the Nightlife and Hospitality industries, but I am excited to be working back in sport and for BUFC!

I know I have big shoes to fill taking over from Stuart Roe, and I want to thank him for his help over the last few weeks, but it’s a challenge I am eager to get going with. I look forward to seeing you at The OVAL!

Thanks, Dale”


” For those of you who don’t know me my name is Hayley Bennett and I will be taking over the day to day running of the bar from Stu.  I am looking forward to this new opportunity and the extra responsibility rather than just serving you.

I don’t envisage much changing from your side as customers and look forward to your continued support.

Please though as Stu has said previously be nice to the bar staff as they are only doing the job as directed by myself and the Board of Directors.

I will be taking over the licensee role from Stu so should you have any issues then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.

I wish Stu all the best and I know that I have big boots to fill but I am sure I will rise to the challenge

Thanks Hayley”


We wish Stu Roe all the best and welcome Dale and Hayley to the Management team.