COVID-19 Risk Assessments

Although the FA released the guidance last week stating that people can start training in groups of up to 30 immediately and play friendlies from 1st August, these were just headlines and there are a lot of provisos before those things can happen.

When you read all of the guidance notes before these can take place there needs to be comprehensive Risk Assessments completed for both training and matches by teams and the venue. These then need to be distributed to all players (parents for Under 18) and they need to confirm on record that they have read and understood the risk assessments and are happy to take part with those in place.

We have been working hard to get all of these in place for our club – please note that due to us being classed as a stadium the requirements for us are a lot higher than they would be for a lot of Junior sections within the area.  All friendlies at stadiums have to be played behind closed doors and therefore there are very tight restrictions on who and who cannot attend these matches. The attached match day risk assessments are for use when spectators are allowed to attend matches again which is still not approved. Until then one parent of each player will be allowed to attend and this is purely under Safeguarding as any treatment for injury to a player has to be undertaken by a person within that players family bubble and not yourselves. This may be different for other venues that are not considered to be a stadium.  Open age this includes the First Team, U21’s, and both Ladies Teams, all of these teams will as the regulations stand at the minute be playing friendlies behind closed doors with the only people in attendance being ESSENTIAL Staff.

Then going forwards for ALL matches, including friendly and league, as part of the match confirmations managers will need to ask for their teams risk assessment to be sent to the Covid-19 to be checked in complies with the protocols. When Bedworth United are the away team we will be required to send a copy of ours to their Covid-19 Officer, either via their team manager or directly.

We are all getting closer to being able to play football again but this will still be far from what it was before last season was suspended and we need to make sure everything is in place and we are not breaking any laws or rules.

Below are copies of all of our Covid-19 Risk Assessments for your information so that you can be sure we have everything covered that we possibly can.  Please bear with us during these difficult times and appreciate that these regulations are not being brought in by Bedworth United but are a national requirement for all of football in England.

If you have any questions regarding football and Covid-19 then please contact the clubs Covid-19 Officer by email at

BUFC Junior Training COVID19 risk assessment 02.18 (1)

BUFC Junior matchday COVID19 risk assessment 02.18 (1)

BUFC Changing Room COVID19 risk assessment 02.18 (1)

BUFC Clubhouse COVID19 risk assessment 02.18 (1)

BUFC Ground COVID19 risk assessment 02.18 (1)

BUFC Open Age matchday COVID19 risk assessment 02.18 (1)

BUFC Open Age Training COVID19 risk assessment 02.18 (1)

The Link below is for junior managers on what procedures that they should follow before, during and after sessions.  The club has invested in some infrared thermometers and coaches are encouraged to request usage of them before training or matches commence and anyone with a raised temperature must not take part in the session.  These are available from the Stadium Manager and must be returned prior to the start of your session.