Covid-19 Regulations for Visiting Teams to The OVAL

Visiting Players during Covid-19 Restrictions


To aid Bedworth United in preventing the spread of Covid-19 certain precautions have been put in place as directed by the FA and Government and as a club we have put together a robust Risk assessment.  This obviously means that for visiting players/coaches the normal matchday routine for The OVAL will be very different than in the past.

  1. On arrival all players and staff will have their temperatures checked with an Infrared thermometer any player with a high temperature will not be allowed entry.
  2. Visiting teams will change in the classroom at the top of the car park and will enter the pitch via the Gate as directed below and will be escorted to the pitch by a member of Bedworth United staff.
  3. Half time will be conducted on the pitch
  4. Players to advised to travel prepared to play where possible.
  5. After the game players requiring showers will have to wait until the dressing room area is free from the home teams players and has been sanitised.
  6. A full list of all staff and players attending will be either completed and handed to a member of Bedworth United staff or preferably emailed to before arrival this is to comply with the Governments track and trace requirements and will destroyed after 14 days.
  7. There will be additional bench’s next to the dugout for substitutes to allow for social distancing (only 4 people allowed in the actual Dugout).
  8. Players and coaches must at all times adhere to any direction given to them by a member of Bedworth United Staff regarding Covid Precautions.

There will be directions issued to each individual team with the match confirmation.