A Good Role Model – Most footballers join teams at the age of 6, this is a very critical stage in their lives where they are most impressionable, it is therefore very important that they see someone they can look up to in their coach. If they find someone they can imitate, it helps them listen and improve.

A Good teacher – It is one thing to be able to command the respect of your players and another to be a good teacher. The basic aspects of football include passing, dribbling, shooting, and tackling. These are things that cannot just be taught by word of mouth, they must be practically shown to the kids for them to understand. A coach has to be able to do these in front of the kids.

Team Motivator – Most of the time, results may not go your way and as a coach, you might be called upon to lift the spirits of your players. Most of them at that age take defeat differently, some take it as though their world has just ended. Teaching them through motivation to learn how to take a loss gracefully and look forward to the next challenge is what makes a good coach.

Friendly – Establishing a good rapport with the kids is very important. As much as they need to know and understand why you are strict when it counts, they also need to be shown the friendlier side so they can be free and open with you. This makes communication easier.

What the club will offer in return –

Education – The club will pay for you to complete your Introduction to Coaching Football course, FA Safeguarding, FA introduction to First Aid and your CRC which once completed will allow you coach.

Support – The club will support you on your journey with a robust Welfare team and support from other junior managers.

Kit and Equipment – The club will provide you with all the kit and equipment you need to take on the role of coach.

We would also like people to take on the role of admin for these coaches.  The admin role includes kit ordering, registering players, organising fund raising events and being a liason between players parents and the coach.

We have the players waiting we just need someone to lead them.

If anyone is interested in taking on either of these roles please complete the form below: