Club Statement


Recently there has been reports of an ALAN ISON from Nuneaton who has been cautioned with regards offences towards children.   As a club can we please put on record it is NOT the Alan Ison who is Vice Chairman of the club.  It is just an unfortunate coincidence that they share the same name and live in the same location.   

As a club we make safeguarding of all U18 junior players our top priority.  All of the senior board have completed safeguarding training and hold in date criminal records checks which are renewed on a 3 yearly basis.

All of our junior coaches and assistants also have to hold in date criminal record checks and will not be allowed to coach alone until they have a criminal record check in place.  We do not accept criminal record checks from other organisations we only count checks which have been completed by the club, we take an extremely robust approach to ensuring that this is the case.

We also ensure that all bar staff and volunteers who might come into contact with junior players are also Criminal record checked.

As a club we have a Welfare Hub which consists of 3 qualified FA welfare officers who are always available to discuss any welfare issues that players, parents, guardians or coaches may have.  The Welfare Hub has its own dedicated email address within the club which is only accessible to the 3 welfare officers so anything that is reported is kept in the strictest confidence unless we deem that a junior is in immediate danger.

If you have a welfare issue please either come and speak to Andy Stickley, Heidi Sloan or Stuart Roe.  If you would rather email please use the secure Welfare email: