Chat with Reece Blackmore

In the second of our chats with players we caught up with Reece Blackmore and here is what he had to say

Q Best moment of the Season?

A Scoring my standard 1 worldie goal for the season against Didcot

Q Worst moment of the Season?

A. All of the August fixtures! Was too hot for my liking

Q Funniest moment of the season?

A.  Rich Blythe kicking off right before we went out to kick off cause somebody nicked his socks

Q Best moment of your career so far?

A. Has to be winning promotion with Bedworth in my first season.

Q. Worst haircut in the squad?

A. Adam Harrison, feel like his fringe is gonna blow off in the wind one day.

Q.  Biggest practical Joker.

A. Stu Storer has to be up there.  Hearing he had nutted the floodlight in the last game did make us all chuckle.

Q. Most Intelligent in the squad?

A. Paz.

Q. Who chooses the music in the dressing room and is it any good?

A. Anyone can have a go but but Khallem’s music is just woeful

Q.  Who is the worst dressed?

A. Gott to be Elliott Parrott.

Q. Which player would you like to be stuck in a lift with?

A.  Rich Blythe-he’s just a captivating guy and also Cal Templeton he just reminds me of Jay of the Inbetweeners

Q.  What you been doing to keep fit during lockdown?

A.  Some road running and using bike machine at home