Catch up with Luke Rowe

We managed to catch up with Luke Rowe and here is what he had to say.

Q.  Best moment of last season?

A. Ilkeston at home – Most enjoyable game I have played for a long time

Q.  Worst moment of last season?

A.  Dunstable Away – Terrible performance as a team and for me individually and also getting the hairdryer treatment for not getting off the floor quick enough.

Q. Funniest moment of last season?

A.  Rich Blythe taking his boot off after we score to calm everything down again always makes me chuckle.

Q.  Highlight of your career?

A.  Playing in the U20 world cup is something I will be proud to tell my kids about.

Q.  Fastest player in the squad?

A.  Khaleem although I think Ricardo would give him a run for his money.

Q.  Biggest practical joker?

A.  Reece Blackmore is always trying to wind people up and Dan Preston hammering the coaching staff for changing formations during a game.

Q.  Worst Trainer?

A.  Has to be Reece Blackmore He hates training you never want to be on his side in training.

Q.  Who chooses the music in the dressing room and is it any good?

A.  Everyone has the option. Personally I would say mine is the best.  The lads love a bit of Starboy.

Q. Worst Dressed?

A.  Has to be Jamie Lenton, Loves a leather shirt and the tightest jeans you have ever seen.

Q.  Who would you want to be trapped in a lift with and why?

A.  Got to be Paz he is the smartest and would be able to get us out.

Q.  What have you been doing to keep fit during lockdown?

A.  A bit of cycling and lots of running