Catch up with Elliot Parrott

We managed to catch up with team captain Elliot Parrott and here is what he had to say.

Q.  Best moment of last season?

A. Would be the Ilkeston win – Thought every player dug in and gave 100% against a tough opponent.

Q.  Worst moment of last season?

A.  For me it has to be the last minute goal we conceded against Bedford. It was devastating to concede from the last kick of the game and draw 1-1.

Q. Funniest moment of last season?

A.  Think Rich Blythe said the same thing, but it has to be when Cal Templeton lost his head when a few of the lads put cones around and on top of his brand new Mercedes.

Q.  Highlight of your career?

A.  100% best moment was getting promoted for Bedworth 2 years ago and the feeling after playing 120 minutes and coming out on top to get promoted. good times!

Q.  Which player gets the most fines through the season?

A.  Their are a few lads that don’t like getting the money out their pocket when they are caught out but the Leicester lads (Lynus and Blaize) are definitely up there when it comes to getting the most.  Late at least once a week and always blame the other each other.

Q.  Biggest practical joker?

A.  Dan Preston is just plain crazy he is up there, but Rich Blythe is probably the worse he is always getting other lads to do little pranks then stands back and watches so gets away with it.

Q.  Worst Trainer?

A.  Has to be Reece Blackmore he moans and sulks if we aren’t doing something he likes and is good at..

Q.  Who chooses the music in the dressing room and is it any good?

A.  No-one really but Luke Rowe has the worst taste plays the same songs every time he gets on the speaker so for me it has to be Rowey.

Q. Worst Dressed?

A.  Rich Blythe worst dress sense ever, dresses like my Granddad

Q.  Who would you want to be trapped in a lift with and why?

A.  Know a few of the other lads have said the same but Dan Crane would keep me entertained with his stories and a little song we love to sing.

Q.  What have you been doing to keep fit during lockdown?

A.  Drinking alcohol seems to have done the job for keeping me fit!! But going on runs and the bike to cure the hangovers