Can We Help

Bedworth United is a community club and to aid the community during these testing times we are offering transport for any elderly or disabled people who are struggling to get to Tesco for the Golden hour.

We will be using the club Minibus on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s to provide transport from Home to Tesco during their Golden hour.

If you know anyone or would benefit yourself from this then please contact the stadium manager between 9am and 10am the day before you wish to travel

We will take your details and give you a time which we will arrange to collect you.

Please be aware we will only transport people eligible for the golden hour shopping and will only transport 1 person per household unless you have a registered career.

Telephone 07927 686792

If you could keep your phone calls requesting transport to between 9am and 10am that would be greatly appreciated.

We must in the present times all do our bit to help no matter how big or small. As a community we need to come together to protect and aid as many people as we can.