Assistant Stadium Manager

Liam Cook has been appointed Assistant Stadium Manager at Bedworth United.


As we’re are sure you can appreciate, managing the Oval is a full time job. There is always something going on at the stadium and there is a constant need for another pair of hands to help out. Our stadium manager, Stu Roe, works wonders every day, keeping our home tidy, productive and ready to welcome members of the local community at any time. But two brains are better than one, which is why we have brought Liam in to assist Stu in his duties on a part time basis.


Liam will be a familiar face to many Greenbacks already, having arrived in November as our new broadcaster. His highlights and interviews have kept fans informed and entertained for the past three months and he has been keen to increase his input. Liam will be present several evenings per week to ensure everything runs smoothly while Stu takes a well earned rest, as well as teaming up with Stu to ensure daily tasks around the ground are completed. For those who don’t know Liam, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. You’ll instantly recognise him by his flat cap and booming voice.


As well as his duties at the Oval, Liam will be assisting our social media department, having previously lent his experience at Midland League club, Coventry United. This will include the creation of news articles, website uploads and increasing our exposure across all social media platforms. One example of this can be found on Facebook, with the creation of the new Bedworth United FC Forum. If you have any suggestions or enquiries regarding social media, again Liam is always on hand to listen.


Welcome to the team, Liam.