An Open Letter

It’s Sunday night, should be our family time but my husband (A coach) has just received “another after game analysis text from a parent which he’s stressing about) so I’ve wrote this message…….

The next time you want to send a meaningless rant of a text message can I ask you please to think for 10 minutes about if its really needed right now?

What might the coach actually be doing with the rest of his day before he goes back to his paid job tomorrow? What might my rant do to his mind and his self esteem?

Pop the kettle on, take a time out and think about this…

My Husband has spent hours gaining qualifications, skills and knowledge to keep your children safe, active and doing what they love to do!

He leaves the house for work before its light to rush around all day to get back for training that he’s been planning all week that you may or may not be bothered to turn up to if you haven’t got a better offer or it isn’t too cold!

Our night in on the sofa consists of conversations about the other 10 children that he cares so much about! Or we might skimp on date night because he has put his own money in to buy your children coats and hats to make them look the part and keep them warm because fundraising just won’t stretch that far!

He gets there early to unlock, set up and then puts it all away to lock the gates behind you knowing he’s tried his best but can’t possibly have kept everybody happy today, wondering what will come!

He might even ref a few games for his own team or others to make the games go ahead because there are no other volunteers!

He gets the team motivated at the beginning of their match to tell them to try their best and enjoy the game to help them forget the grilling you have been giving them driving all the way there then he sees you shouting at them from the sideline because a child made a mistake!

He will run on to the pitch to make sure you child is okay after a hard tackle and give it a “magic rub” while your screaming for them to get up and get on with it or arguing with the referee!

The list here is endless…maintenence of the pitch taking a full day off work making his “Dad day” consist of his own kids playing on the park waiting for him to finish mowing the grass or them helping to wash the balls!

Submitting results, registering teams, shining up the trophies, making his car in to a footballers storage unit the list can go on…

Don’t get me wrong he does all this free of charge and you could call him an idiot (infact some of you do quite often)

He does this because he is passionate about grassroots football, making kids improve and enjoy playing football and more importantly he does his best and never goes in half hearted if he’s had a bad day or is feeling tired!

So the next time you feel like criticizing a coach’s voluntary work, think about what your coach has done for your child and their team! Ask yourself if you could go through countless messages after a match saying the same old things to another new parent that thinks they know better this week!

Have a bit of respect for someone your child looks up to and think how you would feel!

If you really are that passionate then take a leaf out of his book, start another grassroots team and get more children active and enjoying the game! ⚽️⚽️