Academy recruiting


Have you just started 6th form or college and not impressed?

Is the course disorganised and are you struggling to fit in with your new group?

Have you started the second year at sixth form or college, and already feeling fed up and bored?

Have you started an apprenticeship, finding it tough and disillusioned?

If so, is not too late to change your mind and switch to

Bedworth United Football Education Course.

We are still enrolling on this popular non-exam level 3, A level equivalent course and we can help you smoothly switch. Whatever situation you are in there is still time to change.  You are not under any obligations or contracts to continue where you are presently if you are not happy.

We offer an organised course ran by experienced, enthusiastic and fully       qualified staff that enjoy their work making the course achievable and fun.     We have had many previous students’ progress to employment in the leisure industry or go onto university or USA scholarships.

If you are interested, please visit our website and fill out the application form. Our friendly staff will then contact you for a chat.