A View From the Board – Match Day

Good Afternoon to everyone attending The OVAL for our last Match of Season 2023/24.

It only seems a few weeks since we were welcoming everyone to the start of the Season being optimistic we could mount a Promotion challenge. Disappointingly not worked out as we all wished with the middle of the Season letting us down. Players have come and gone with varying degrees of success and of course we have the Bedworth stalwarts that have served the Club so well over previous Seasons. Thank you to you all.

The severe challenges the Club faced in the Season have proved difficult to overcome but in the true spirit of our wonderful Club we have succeeded.

At times it has been a hard slog with all the Directors and Management focussing 100% on how we move the Club forward. However there are other people behind the scenes that have been incredible and deserve all our sincere thanks.

So many but a few that spring to mind are Deb in Debz Shed with Eric, Terry Steptoe who has stood at the Turnstiles for every 1st Team, Reserve, Youth and  Youth Development Match, Ron Lissaman who keeps our Pitch and Stadium in pristine condition, Hayley Atkiss and her Bar Staff who look after the Social Club, Kerry from the Tea Bar who has done a great with the Girls Development, Stu Bolton who joins Terry on the Turnstile on 1st Team Matches, Carl Inglis for his 50/50 Ticket Sales, our Beduth Liverpudlian, Kev Moore on the Tannoy and if I am going to be allowed Home tonight my lovely wife Polly for all her work and for having to put up with me.

The formation of a Junior Committee has been very successful looking after all things Junior as well as supporting the main Board. Sincere thanks to every Junior Manager who give up their time freely and to all the Players they look after some of which will undoubtedly become 1st Team Greenbacks of the future. Not forgetting Parents who provide a Taxi Service.

The other life blood of our Club are our wonderful Sponsors many of the who will be attending today’s Match. Your support of our Community Club is vital.

Next Season will come round very quickly with Pre Season Matches and Season Tickets to be announced as soon as possible.

Finally how can we operate without our Supporters who turn up every week win, lose or draw especially during a Season with so many ups and downs.

Thanks to everyone connected with the Greenbacks