Website Relaunch

We are happy to now announce that our new website is fully live I am sure you will agree when you look around it that it is a vast improvement on our previous one. 
We would like to thank Hyunwoo Oh(Daniel) for all the hard work he has put into creating this in his own time working around his university work.
If you have any articles you think we should include on the website please email 
Please remember that the website along with all the clubs social media streams is moderated by volunteers so if things take a little while to get published that is why. 
Make sure you also follow our clubs twitter and official facebook pages as well.  We have been commended by a lot of opposition clubs on our matchday twitter coverage with a lot dropping their own twitter coverage of games and just retweeting ours.  A big thank you must go out to Sarah Elliott who does a great job match days of keeping the twitter feed ticking over.  
We would also like to thank James Brough for his time in setting up and moderating the Bedworth United Forum on Facebook. 
Our social media footprint has grown massively over the last 3/4 seasons and unfortunately the people volunteering to help with running and maintaining it hasn’t. 
We have seen some negative comments by people regarding social media over the last few weeks. This is extremely detrimental,  we are sure you can understand how these volunteers feel reading and hearing such comments when they are ultimately doing their best around their own jobs and family commitments. 
If you do have any criticism about social media or the website then please email rather than go on public forums.