Mitch backs Rashford

Manchester United have Marcus Rashford Bedworth United have Mitch Piggon (Just for the record Mitch has scored more than Marcus this season)

Mitch Piggon has been busy this week helping out at a local food bank backing Marcus Rashfords campaign, That no child should go hungry.  Mitch donated, packed and delivered food parcels to those in need.  Mitch said “Marcus Rashford has brought an issue to the forefront of our minds and as a new father myself it touched a nerve with me that there are children in our local community that are going hungry,  I wanted to help obviously I don’t have the media influence of Marcus but if I can help one child from going hungry by volunteering my time then its worth it.  I would love it if any of my supporters through my time in football could help, be it through donating or giving up some time to volunteer then I would be so grateful.  In this day and age no child should go hungry.”

If you want to support the campaign please contact edibleeats.  There are numerous ways to support so if you can spare some time and want to give back to your community please get in touch.

Edibleeats contact 01827 718322